• high water absorption
  • good textile handle
  • high absorptive capacity
  • Cosmetics

Pads are produced, for example, from 100 % cotton or blends with polyester. After opening and blending, the fibres are fed to a dosing opener (DON) which supplies the card feeder regularly and further opens the fibres. The card feeder MultiFeed with its fine opening stage opens the fine fibres and creates a uniform web which is fed to the card. A belt weigher or radiography unit keep the weight of the flock mat constant. In the card (TurboCard) the fibre flocks are further opened and blended. Instead of using a doffer unit, the fibres are opened by a fast rotating, wired roller, delivered by the centrifugal power and taken from the roller by a delivery fan and laid on a vacuumed transport apron. This combines the carding process with aerodynamic webforming technology. A hydro-entangling line and a calender subsequently consolidate the web. This results in a voluminous web with three-dimensional fibre structure.

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