insulation felts
Fiberlofter felt

Aerodynamic Webforming

Aerodynamic web forming is an advantageous method when the
shorter staple range of recycled fibre (shoddy) or various natural fibres
such as flax, kenaf, hemp and cotton, and mineral fibres, particularly
glass, are considered.
These play an important role for applications in the automotive sector
as moulded parts, or in felts for sound and heat insulation.
Aerodynamic web forming is particularly applicable when such fibres
must form a highly voluminous product for insulation applications in
the building industry or for waddings (highloft) and paddings in the
garment, upholstery and bedding sector. 

The combination of airlay and carding technologies, Turbo-Card, is suitable for fine fibres and low weights in the medical and hygiene areas. For higher area weights made for example from recycled and natural fibres, the Turbo-Unit is installed together with a webfeeder (Fiberlofter).

The Fiberlofter, in a short version with only one opening stage, is suitable for processing mineral and natural fibres as fibre strain and breakage are small. This concept allows a space-saving webforming installation with low Investment.

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