Application Examples

Industrial Textiles

Nonwovens for industrial applications are produced on high capacity lines and used for example for gas and liquid filtration, geotextiles, and for roofing, protection and insulation in the building industry. 

Technical Textiles

Numerous technical applications for nonwoven products exist in the car as filters, insulation material, interior linings, moulded parts using natural fibres and high-tech applications with carbon fibres as disc brakes or in body construction. Another important special field is the papermachine felt sector.



Home Textiles + Garment

Nonwovens are well suited for floor and wall covering, as a component in upholstery and mattresses, decoration, apparel elements, shoe and artificial leather and for wipes.




Nonwovens used in medicine,  hygiene and cosmetics are important disposables to meet modern healthcare standards. Wet wipes, diaper components, scrubs and makeup pads are some examples.