Special Needle Looms


Dilo, the inventor of the DI-LOOP structuring and patterning technology, offers all machines for applications such as floor coverings and in the automotive sector including needle looms for felts with rib, velour, high-low-structures and relief patterns.



Dilo also invented the DI-LOUR structuring technology for lightweight random velour qualities. The double structure loom DI-LOUR IV provides increased pile density and "advance" pattern fabrics which are mainly used for automotive interiors.



PMF Endless Needling

Large needle looms of the PMF model series are used during the production of seamless and endless papermachine felts up to 16 m wide. DI-LOOM PMF needle looms are the largest textile machines worldwide with a total mass up to 800 tonnes.



Laboratory Lines

For research and development in institutes and industry a small, 0.6 m wide laboratory line including basic fibre preparation, card, crosslapper and needle loom is ideal to produce samples using only a small quantity of fibre.