For the low and medium speed range Dilo has designed the model series DLA as a carriage apron crosslapper.  DLA can operate with web infeed speeds up to 100 m/min depending on laydown width.



The model series DLS and DLSC is characterized by the best layering precision, precise overlapping and high speed. Maximum infeed speeds are up to 140 m/min for the DLS and up to 160 m/min for DLSC. At speeds exceeding 130 m/min we recommend using the Webguide system.


DLP Wide Crosslappers

The wide crosslappers of the DLP model series have been designed for use in the papermachine felt industry. Layering width is up to 16 m and web infeed speed can exceed 100 m/min.




The HyperLayer model series has been designed as a vertical lapper to meet highest demands of layering precision and web infeed speed. The web is securely held between screen belts from infeed to laydown allowing web infeed speeds of up to 200 m/min.