Card Feeders

Dosing Opener

Dosing Opener DON / DOT with or without fine opening stage to provide a regular fibre flow and as intermediate storage prior to a card feeder. 


AlphaFeed is a simple and economic card feeding system employing a double trunk concept. The upper trunk has a condenser function for pneumatically transporting fibre flocks. Dosing and opening rolls feed the lower trunk which has a  double vibrating wall to provide a regular and compacted fibre tuft mat.


High capacity feeding system with double trunk for one-sided or double-sided fibre feeding ("Twinflow"). Twinflow takes advantage of the doubling effect to provide a uniform fibre tuft dispersion in the upper trunk. Dosing and opening roll feed the lower trunk with one-sided vibration wall and air permeable apron to compact the flocks. Highly regular feeding, even at large working widths exceeding 5 m.

Vibration Chute Feed

The conventional Vibration Chute Feed remains proven equipment for feeding a wide range of fibre types with different staple lengths and fineness. It is characterized by high throughput and reliability.