Component Dependent System

With a fixed number of colour or fibre elements to be blended, the Baltromix component dependent system is recommended as an economic solution for high blending quality and weigh precision.

Component Independent System

When many or a variable number of components are to be blended several big Mixmaster blending chambers with apron feed provide an optimum solution. Feeding by rotary separator or telescopic tube and vertical discharge via spiked apron can operate simultaneously.

Blending Bins

Big blending bins with a mobile blender emptier to remove the fibre batch which has been layered in the bin provide an alternative to the Mixmaster. A telescopic suction tube empties the bin. One blender emptier may be used for two blending bins.


Hopper Blender

The hopper blender BTM is a compact version of Mixmaster to provide short term blending adjustment. It can be combined with a fine opener and bucket wheel condenser for filling the blender.