• high absoprtion of water
  • good surface handle
  • high fluid absorptive capacity
  • medicine: operating room hygienic clothing and covers, wound dressings etc.
  • hygiene and household: coverstock, wet wipes, dry disposable wipes

Hydroentangled nonwovens which do not require high cross direction strength can be produced by a so-called direct line without crosslappers. To achieve the required area weight two cards are operated in line and the webs placed one above the other.

After opening and blending, the fibres are fed to a dosing opener (DON) which supplies a card feeder to further open the fibres. This MultiFeed with a fine opening stage creates a homogeneous fibre mat before the card. A belt weigher or measuring gauge keeps the feed weight constant. The subsequent HyperSpeedCard ensures the fibre flocks are opened, blended and a web is created. Random and condenser rolls at the upper and lower doffers orientate the fibres predominantly in the cross direction and create a voluminous web. Both webs are laid down on an apron and subsequently processed in a hydroentanglement and/or thermobonding line.

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