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blending chamber
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Fibre preparation

From bale opening to optimum fibre blending

DiloTemafa offers opening and blending equipment for synthetic and natural fibres, machines for the extraction of natural fibres and their cleaning. High fibre throughput and high blending precision.

Production portfolio:

  • Opening, cleaning, dosing and blending systems for the nonwoven-industry and for spinning mills
  • Feeding equipment for cards and for web-forming machines
  • Fibre preparation systems for natural fibres (flax, hemp, kenaf etc.)
  • Specialized machines and systems for dye and bleaching plants
    • wool scouring and wool combing plants
    • the waste regenerating industry
    • the manufacture of security paper
    • the processing of glass and bast fibres, linters and others
  • Machines for opening of webedge trimmings and off-quality

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