Needling is the most universal bonding method in the nonwovens sector with a percentage of over 50 %. Needlelooms can be used for a wide range of fabric weights and fibre fineness, and due to the mechanical operating principle are extremely economical with resources. All types of fibre, man-made, natural, mineral and metal can be needled. DILO offers the optimum machinery for all needling tasks due to its experience for decades since the 1950s:

  • In working widths from 0.6 m to 16 m
  • Stroke frequencies up to 3.500 strokes/min
  • Needle densities between 870 and 80.000 needles/m of working width.

Innovations from Dilo like the DI-LOOP and DI-LOUR processes, circular and endless needling, RONTEX and BELTEX, have initiated important steps in needling technology.

Apart from standard needlelooms for one-sided pre- and finishneedling, we also offer double needlelooms for needling from top and bottom as well as Hyperpunch needlelooms with elliptical needle beam kinematics for high speed needling with minimal draft.

The needling zone is decisive for needlefelt quality. For this reason, DILO offers about 300 different needleboards to find the most suitable needle distribution for any application. Modern high quality machine tools produce our needleboards with highest precision at our headquarters in Eberbach, Germany. We support you in the choice of needle distribution and needle type in our Textile Research Centre. 

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