• Working width: 1000 – 4000 mm 
  • Double cylinder card
  • Double doffer card
  • Take-off system
  • Modular intermediate group for universal use
  • Optional random and condenser rollers
  • Ease of maintenance (rollers can be lifted)
  • Suction according to the CleanCardConcept
  • Wide range of fibres can be processed
  • High web uniformity
  • High throughput speed
  • High degree of opening
  • Man-made fibres
  • Colour blends
  • Installations with crosslappers
  • Water-entanglement lines
  • Thermobonding lines

Configuration 1

Type VQ-Q to enhance the web’s homogeneity and for a better fibre mix with two doffers and two transfer rollers to the main cylinder

Configuration 2

Type VQ-V to increase the throughput by using the doubling effect between preopener and main cylinder

Configuration 3

Type VQ-T with only one intermediate roller between preopener and main cylinder

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