DiloGroup comprises DiloSystems, specialist for the design and engineering of production plants, DiloTemafa, specialist for opening and blending components, DiloSpinnbau, responsible for mechanical and aerodynamic web forming and DiloMachines, specialist for crosslappers and needlelooms. DiloSystems is also responsible for the foreign representations and subsidiaries.

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Die Spezialisten

Within DiloGroup all specialist companies are at an equal technical standard and therefore the complete line quality is at a high level. Only sub-suppliers matching this quality demand are chosen for cooperation. DiloSystems as a team of specialists supplies complete lines with high throughput, high end product quality, high effriciency, simple operation and maintenance, and offers fast service. As a partner for the nonwovens industry we are in charge of the “Engineering for Nonwovens”, for production lines “made in Germany”.


DiloTemafa is an experienced specialist and worldwide leading supplier of fibre preparatory equipment including best quality opening and blending machines for synthetic and natural fibres.


DiloSystems is the general contractor for complete nonwoven lines, and in close cooperation with our customers and technical research centres designs and engineers these lines.


DiloSpinnbau delivers universal and high capacity carding machines, random card technology, lap drafters, airlay machines and specialty cards in large working widths.


The machine range includes crosslappers, universal and high capacity needlelooms with stroke frequencies up to 3000 min-1, Hyperpunch needlelooms, structuring and patterning machines DI-LOOP and DI-LOUR, and wide needlelooms of working width up to 16 m.

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