Spinnbau GmbH is a traditional card specialist. The company is located in the northern part of Bremen, in the suburb Farge, on the River Weser. Its operational facilities occupy today an area of around 10000 m².


Spinnbau was founded in 1948 by Consul Schiermeyer. From 1956 to 1996 Spinnbau was part of the Krupp Group and later of Ramisch Kleinewefers. In 1996 it was taken over by the DiloGroup.


Continuous development work and the high quality awareness of our employees enable us to manufacture carding machines with high reliability and capacity.


The central research centre of the DiloGroup in Eberbach produces numerous synergies when it comes to acquisition, development work, training, assembly and production. This enables us to respond together and  flexibly to the market. 

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